How can you help us

Donations to Bank Account.
SHHBK “Nena Tereze” Procredit Bank-Prishtinë 
Account Nr: 1110031497000159 
Donations to Address.
KHCS “Mother Teresa”
St. Mujë Krasniqi” pn
10000 Prishtinë/a
Thank You.

Volunteer! Make a difference!

This is the year for volunteering! The European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of European Union designated 2011 the year of volunteering. But anytime, is a good time to volunteer!

You can help your fellow Kosovar’s through MTS by:

  • Spending a couple of hours a week helping at the MTS five offices
  • Being part of the “adopt a family program” or “sponsor a child”
  • Hosting, being part or helping to organize fundraising events
  • Participating in field visits/research/meetings/monitoring with beneficiaries
  • Donating food, clothes and funds for the most vulnerable communities in Kosovo

Please send us your details at if you would like to be considered as a volunteer in one of our projects in Kosova.