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Adopt a Family Program

Many of us reflect back on years of happy memories and anticipate the new memories soon to be made. The fate of many kosovar families is sadly different… They are absolutely incapable of providing for themselves the basic necessities and lead a life in difficult social and economic conditions. Items such as bread, milk, and eggs are plainly beyond their budget. 

It is the downhearted reality that many families are in critical need of charitable contributions with which to supplement their insufficient income. For the families in need, the desire for happy memories also holds true.

Taking into consideration the current situation that many families of Kosovo live in, it is absolutely critical that Mother Theresa Society continues with its annual work – supporting and delivering humanitarian aid to families in need.

As such, MTS has started a new program that will make YOU a part of our community.

What is the activity?

"Adopt a Family" program provides a framework through which you can come to their aid; by committing to a monthly donation with a sum of your choosing. If you participate in this program, you will be matched with a family in need of assistance, and asked to provide donation for that family – a donation which may be the only one they receive this year…

You can help bring happiness to families in need, and bring comfort to them knowing that they will receive a steady supplement each month... We seek to continue to help families living in poor conditions, and reaching out to those who have nowhere else to turn. And that is why we turn to YOU today!

How can You help?

Through sponsorship and support for a family we want to create a sustainable income and solidarity network between people which are living in poverty in Kosovo.

While the sum that YOU will donate, certainly won't provide them with all their needs; but, it is enough to help them remain afloat for yet another month. By "Adopting a Family" you will provide a family with monthly cash support, and/or basic food and hygiene necessities, clothing, household items or paying school fees for children.

You can donate the money at MTS’s bank account, and we will do the shopping and deliver the items to your adoptee! Only 5% of the money donated will cover MTS’s travel expenses.

Donations to Bank Account: 
SHHBK "Nena Terezë" Procredit Bank-Prishtinë 
Account Nr: 1110031497000159