Internship skills acquired and requirements

  • Activism/organizing
  • Editing documents
  • Programming/ event planning
  • Fundraising/ development
  • Information Management/ Technology
  • Media Creation/ Dissemination
  • Program Evaluation/ Quality Control
  • Research
  • Proposal and Grant writing
  • Writing Reports/concept notes/ policy briefs
  • Marketing/ communications/ outreach
  • Project planning/ management –anti-poverty strategy

Why MTS?

As Kosovo’s oldest NGO, only MTS knows how to best meet the needs of the country’s poorest. With its 5 local offices and a network of grassroots volunteers, MTS delivers aid and services regardless of ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation.

The facts:

  • MTS isn’t affiliated with any particular political, religious, or ethnic group, and has never been involved in any scandal. This is of particular value in a country where corruption within government institutions and mistrust of international organizations is widespread.
  • As a humanitarian aid organization, MTS enjoys the highest level of trust among the public. According to a national population survey conducted by the Kosovo Civil Society Foundation, the level of trust in humanitarian or charitable organizations in particular is 57%, compared to 45% among civil society institutions as a whole. The Foundation further found that among various NGOs, humanitarian or charitable organizations attract the most members or volunteers. This is due to the fact that they provide direct aid, while other organizations’ long-term goals of advocacy or human rights do not demonstrate such an immediate impact (KCSF Analytical Country Report 2011, 26). MTS’s regular aid delivery, and the Hope and Aid Direct convoy, is tangible evidence of work, which will draw supporters.
  • MTS is trusted most among the NGO sector and has made a commitment to remain transparent and open about how funding is dispersed. The use of pie charts to demonstrate visually where funds are dispersed is beneficial to MTS.